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Frequently Asked Questions

Jen Recla speaking at the 2021 ATD Conference

What are your areas of expertise?

Training, speaking, and coaching support includes, but is not limited, to the following areas:

  • Change leadership

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Employee engagement

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Leading and developing others

  • Mindset

  • Navigating conflict

  • Resiliency 

  • Strategic thinking

  • Team culture and development

  • Time management and prioritization

  • Vertical development


How do you approach coaching?

I embrace a versatile and adaptable coaching approach. During our sessions, I take on various roles tailored to your needs. After collaboratively setting your goals and determining your vision of success, I craft a personalized roadmap designed to guide you toward your objectives. Throughout our journey together, we prioritize what matters most to you, ensuring our focus remains aligned with your aspirations. As your coach, I serve as your mentor, guide, and advisor, wearing these hats to empower you at every step. My ultimate aim is to awaken your inherent potential, helping you realize and fully leverage the talents and capabilities within you. 

We will focus our time together answering these questions:

  • What paradigm shifts do I need to make to thrive in my day to day?

  • What skills/tools do I need to succeed and cultivate an impactful team?

  • What action do I need to take to strengthen my leadership and my team(s)?

  • What steps do I take to sustain success and continue to grow over the long-term?

How do you approach team culture work?

Collaboration is key when designing interventions with teams. I partner closely with the team leader(s) to create an impactful experience customized to the needs and goals of the group or organization. By fostering a foundation of trust and psychological safety with the team, we lay the groundwork for open communication and collaboration. Then we can dig deeper to more effectively navigate challenges and capitalize on strengths. The ultimate goal of these engagements is to improve collective performance, strengthen relationships, and achieve better outcomes.


What is your approach to leadership development?

I provide customized workshops and cohort programs based on your organizational priorities and goals. I infuse your company mission, vision, values, and competencies into programming. All offerings include four main elements: 

1. Strengthening Mindset: Identifying the paradigm shift needed to tackle challenges head-on and successfully execute on new skills learned.

2. Skills & Tools Proficiency: Identifying and honing the specific skills and tools crucial for navigating complex leadership scenarios and achieving success.
3. Action Planning: Collaboratively crafting plans tailored to the individual leader and integrating newfound insights and strategies into daily practices.
4. Continuous Learning Reinforcement: Beyond our sessions, I provide robust post-session reinforcement mechanisms to solidify learning outcomes and drive sustained growth over time.

What assessment tools do you use?


I have expertise in the following tools:

  • CliftonStrengths

  • Enneagram

  • Insights Discovery

  • StandOut

  • Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI)

  • Working Genius

How do I learn more about how you can help me individually or help my team?


You can contact me at, schedule an exploration call here, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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