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Coaching Support
Mountain Ridge

Leadership Coaching

I will help you uncover what's already there, offer alternate perspectives and paths, and support and champion your growth journey. My coaching approach focuses on identifying and leveraging strengths, building and maximizing leadership skills, crafting or updating personal purpose, and helping define specific goals or targets that lead to improved performance and better outcomes.

I recognize how overwhelming life and work can be. I will work with you to identify a coaching schedule that works best for you. I offer in-person, video coaching calls, and/or over-the-phone coaching paired with an activity such as walking, jogging, or hiking. 

Team Culture

Team Culture

I understand people and team dynamics. Whether this is a new or established team, I will partner with you and your team to establish a learning journey that builds and strengthens culture, trust, connections, and effectiveness.


I offer single or multiple sessions depending on your needs with built-in reinforcement to ensure what is learned is applied back in the workplace. I offer retreat planning and facilitation, team building, and team learning opportunities.

Business Team
Learning Consultation
Meeting Room Business

Leadership Development

With a track record spanning over a decade, I've designed and led workshops, initiatives, and programs for leaders. From conceptualization to execution, I'll ensure your initiatives are aligned with industry best practices, with a robust reinforcement plan to sustain long-term outcomes.

My expertise lies in equipping leaders with the tools and acumen they need to navigate today's dynamic landscape. My leadership development framework consists of:

1. Strengthening mindset 

2. Skills & tools proficiency

3. Action planning

4. Continuous learning reinforcement

Ryan Cooper

VP, Strategy

"Based on my experience with Jen as my executive coach, I believe she excels in helping individuals generalize assessments and expand their thinking. Jen's coaching style is characterized by thought-provoking questions and tailored exercises that encourage you to think critically and creatively. She is adept at guiding you to uncover deeper insights and connections, ultimately broadening your perspective and problem-solving abilities. Jen's coaching sessions are known for their efficiency, typically achieving meaningful progress in a shorter time frame. If you seek an executive coach who can help you translate assessments into actionable wisdom and foster a broader mindset, Jen is an excellent choice."

Ashley Woodman

Director, Organizational Development

"Jen lights her fire by helping others find their own path to success. She also has some of the best focused work ethic I have ever seen! I not only recommend Jen as a learning and organizational development professional, but also as a coach who can help you leverage tools and resources to rethink your goals and awaken a renewed sense of purpose."
For additional testimonials, check out my LinkedIn page here.

Paul Huberty

Executive Director

"We recently had the opportunity to work with Jen Recla on the CliftonStrengths assessment, team building, and starting professional development plans for our team. Jen is an amazing partner in this space. She guided our team in an in-depth discussion about our individual strengths and how they complement each other to build a strong team. She made everyone feel comfortable throughout the discussion and she ensured that everyone had the opportunity to participate and contribute. She then worked individually with each team member to begin building their own professional development plans.

Jen is an expert in organizational and professional development, executive coaching, and team dynamics. I highly recommend her."
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